How to Activate Ghost Mode in Instander – Your Ultimate Guide

Ever wish you could be a secret agent while using the app? Well, you’re in for a treat because I’m about to spill the beans on something cool called Ghost Mode in Instander. Imagine being able to do stuff without anyone knowing – no seen marks, typing signs, or story clues. Intrigued? Let’s dive into the details of How to turn on Ghost Mode in Instander – Your Ultimate Guide.

Use of Ghost Mode in Instander

Imagine if you could be like a ghost on Instagram – checking things out without anyone knowing you’re there. Well, that’s exactly what Ghost Mode in Instander lets you do. It’s like putting on an invisible cloak while you use the app. This special feature can change the way you experience Instagram by letting you do things secretly.

With Ghost Mode, you can read messages, watch stories, and even join live streams without leaving any signs behind.Lets explore more benefits of ghost mod in ig

how to turn on ghost mode in instander

Stopping People from Watching Too Much

Sometimes, people can be a bit too curious and watch everything you do on Instagram. Ghost Mode is like a shield against that. When you turn it on, it keeps you safe from anyone who might be watching you too closely. This way, you control who gets to see where you are.

Protecting Yourself from Followers

Have you ever felt like someone is following you around online? Ghost Mode helps with that feeling. It hides your location so well that even if someone is trying really hard to follow you, they won’t know where you are. This way, you can enjoy using Instagram without worrying about someone watching you too much.

Sharing Your Adventures

You might want to share pictures with your friends when you go on trips or adventures. But telling everyone where you are in real-time can be risky. Ghost Mode solves this problem. It lets you share your cool moments without giving away your exact location. You can be like a mystery explorer, sharing stories without giving away too much information.

How To Enable Ghost Mode In Instagram

Ready to become an Instagram ghost? It’s not tricky at all. Just follow these simple steps:

How To Enable Ghost Mode In Instagram
  • When you open Instander, find your profile picture and give it a tap.
  • Look for three lines in the corner – it’s called the Hamburger Menu. Tap on it.
  • Inside the menu, you’ll see “Instander Settings.” Give it a tap to continue.
  • In the settings, you’ll spot “Ghost Mode.” It’s like your secret hideout – tap on it.
  • Now you get to pick what you want to be invisible. Want to read messages without others knowing? Toggle that on. Want to watch stories without leaving a trace? Toggle that on too. It’s like creating your own invisibility powers.
  • Tap those toggles to turn on the features you want. You’re now in Ghost Mode!
  • If you want to go back to normal, just come back here and turn off the features you toggled on.


Ghost Mode in Instander is like having your own secret way of using Instagram. It’s all about exploring and connecting without anyone knowing you’re there. Following the simple steps to turn on Ghost Mode can open up a whole new world of privacy and fun. So become an Instagram ghost and enjoy the digital adventures like a true secret agent!


Absolutely! Ghost Mode doesn’t limit your ability to engage with content. You can still like, comment, and interact with posts and stories, all while maintaining your privacy.

Ghost Mode primarily focuses on enhancing the privacy of your interactions involving messages, typing indicators, story views, and live streams.

No, that’s the beauty of Ghost Mode. Your actions and interactions remain hidden from others, so they won’t know that you’re using Ghost Mode to browse, read messages, or watch stories.

Absolutely! Ghost Mode is under your control. You can turn it on when you want to be more private and turn it off when you’re ready to interact openly.

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