How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram: An Ultimate Guide

The black theme for Instagram’s interface is called its “dark mode.” Dark mode flips the order such that the backdrop is dark and the text is light, as opposed to the usual light theme’s light background and dark text.

Instagram’s dark mode is the best option for seeing the app in dim light or at night. It lessens the pressure on the eyes. In dark mode, you can raise the screen’s brightness to a maximum of 100% without depleting your device’s battery. Instagram Disabled Your Account For No Reason

On Instagram, dark mode changes the backdrop, the text, and a few layout elements (such as the buttons and icons). The colors you see in the app and videos won’t be changed.

How to Turn Dark Mode on Instagram iPhone

You might wish to enable Instagram’s dark mode if you notice that using Instagram on your device causes you to squint and strain your eyes. All applications, not just Instagram, support dark mode.

The Instagram app should be updated to the most recent version, and iOS 13 or later must be installed on your smartphone. Find out how to update your iPad or iPhone.

Pay attention to these instructions if you use the Instagram app on an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap your Settings app from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap Display & Brightness.
  3. Under Appearance, tap Dark.
  4. Exit Settings and open the Instagram app. It should appear dark with light text.
  5. Repeat steps one and two above in Instagram dark mode turn off iPhone, then select Light.

You should observe that the text turns light and the background of your screen darkens.


When you enable dark mode on your device, several other applications will also have a dark appearance in addition to Instagram. Wait till this functionality is made available in the iOS version of the Instagram app if you only want to use dark mode on Instagram. Currently, only the Android version is accessible.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Android

Follow these instructions if you’re using the Instagram app on an Android device. In addition to Instagram, other applications will also seem dark if you enable dark mode in your device’s settings.

  1. Access your device’s Settings from the home screen (or from the All Apps screen, the Favorites bar, or the Quick Settings).
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Tap the Dark theme button.
  4. The background of your screen will go dark, and the text will go light.
  5. Exit Settings and open the Instagram app.
  6. It should appear to be in dark mode.
  7. Steps to turn on Dark mode on Android.
  8. To Instagram dark mode off, repeat steps one and two above, then tap the Dark mode button to turn it off.

On the Android Instagram app, go to your profile, hit the menu button, select Settings, tap Theme, and then choose Dark if you only want Instagram to be in dark mode.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram Pc

You might wonder how to activate dark mode on Instagram for PC if you’re like half of Instagram’s users. You can install the Night Eye browser extension to achieve the same appearance and feel on the desktop, as Instagram doesn’t have a built-in dark mode. It supports all popular browsers and is cost-free. Installing and getting going only take a few minutes. Check out the instructions below if you want a quick and simple method to enable dark mode on Instagram for PC.

Enable dark mode is one of Instagram’s most well-liked features. Due to the absence of vibrant colors, which can be distracting and tire the eyes, this mode is ideal for viewing photos in dim lighting. With dark mode, you can maximize your eyesight while preserving battery life. More users are using Google since it is a straightforward yet efficient approach to take advantage of Instagram’s dark mode.

how to turn on dark mode on instagram

Open the Instagram app, then navigate to Settings > Account Options to enable dark mode. The “Select a theme” option can then be enabled in Settings > Appearance> Theme. The entire app will then appear to be black as a result. The rest of the app’s choices will be available once you’ve enabled dark mode. It’s worth seeing if you can use the app on an Android phone if you don’t have a Pixel. Try the Instander apk for more customizations.

How To Turn On A Dark Theme

You can enable the Instagram app’s dark mode depending on your device. Open the Settings app, select Display from the list, then select Dark Theme. The program can be configured to go into dark mode even when the sun sets. You must first turn off the light mode to use the dark way. You may activate Instagram’s dark mode after turning off the light option.

You can activate the dark theme using the URL parameter. But be careful—the dark theme can vanish if you go between parts. Simply reload the page to restore its impact. You can turn on Google Chrome’s “Dark Mode” feature flag to force the dark mode on all websites. The native dark theme may appear better, but this feature is cross-platform and may not be as attractive. Recover your disabled instagram account.

How To Turn On A Night Mode Extension

Enabling the night mode extension is one of the simplest ways to use Instagram on your PC. The Night Mode extension renders the Instagram online app in a dark mode, which is excellent for the eyes and saves battery life. The Chrome online store is where you can get the extension installed. To turn on the feature, you must tap the toggle button that you’ll see. It is turned on by default, but you have the option to make that change.

You’re undoubtedly sick of seeing the same brightly illuminated pictures on your smartphone or tablet if you use Instagram on your computer. Then you’ll be happy to learn that the app also offers a night mode extension, allowing you to get the most out of Instagram. All popular web browsers support the extension; installation only takes a few seconds. Try instagram private account without verification for an quick and easy access.

How To Turn On A Dark Theme From Within The App

There are two ways to enable a dark theme on your smartphone if you install the Reddit app. Tap on your user profile first. In the pull-down menu, tap the moon icon next. As a result, the existing light color will be replace with black. As an alternative, you can choose Dark Mode in Settings. Connecting your dark theme with other apps on your smartphone may enable this option and alter the app’s appearance. Instander ios is also available for iPhone users.

Open In Dark Mode By Default

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. Type and enter chrome: // flags in the address bar. …
  3. On the flags page, search for “black.”
  4. Tap the flag drop-down menu for Auto Dark Mode for web content.
  5. Switch to Enable.
  6. Now, restart Chrome and open
  7. It should be available in black mode.

Additionally, you can enable a dark theme for the Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides applications. This function allows you to examine a preview of your work in a light theme while maintaining a black menu and border. Simply tap the “Done” button after that to finish the modification. Anytime you wish, you can enable the dark theme in your app. Control Center can also turn individual apps’ dark themes on or off.

Frequently Asked Questions

For some people who spend a lot of time staring at screens, the dark mode may help reduce eye fatigue and dry eye. However, there isn’t any concrete evidence that dark mode does anything other than increase battery life for your device. Giving dark mode a try won’t cost you anything and won’t work.

According to a Purdue University study from 2021, you will only save 3% to 9% of power if you keep the brightness level on your OLED phone between 30% and 50%. If your phone is constantly on full brightness, the dark mode will save you between 39% and 47% of your battery life.

According to Google, dark mode lessens eye strain from smartphone displays and extends battery life since OLED displays, which are used in most flagship phones, can display dark backgrounds with less power than a white background.


One feature that is well worth understanding how to use is Instagram’s dark mode. That deeper color scheme allows for more immersive viewing of photos and movies and has several other advantages that will improve and simplify your life. This guide will benefit you if you’re eager to join the dark side.

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