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How to Use Instagram Reels: The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Content

It might be time to start experimenting with Instagram Reels if you want to up your Instagram marketing ante.

Instagram Reels are quick 15- or 30-second looping videos that can be dubbed with music or other media. The movies repeatedly play on a loop when someone scrolls until they stop scrolling. These brief, entertaining movies frequently get shared, turn into earworms, and, ideally, go viral.

This new Instagram feature gives you a starting point for making all kinds of on-brand, on-topic videos that you can use to engage followers and increase brand recognition.

How Do Instagram Reels Work?

Like TikTok or any other well-known short music video app, Instagram Reels lets you explore the world of short videos. Here’s how to experiment, make, and include music into your reels.

Exploring Instagram Reels

Before you start, investigate how other people use their Reels for their platforms or brand accounts.

Click on the Reels icon tab in the app, which resembles a director clapboard with a play button, to access Reels. Here, you may view Reels from accounts you follow and those that suggest you check out based on your usage of the Instagram reels app.

Go to the Explore page and search for Reels to learn more about Reels in another way. Additionally, you can visit a personal page directly and search for the Reels symbol.Try Instander apk for uploading engaging content on your instagram account.

How to Create Instagram Reels

Prepared to begin creating? It’s time to start moving and turn on the camera.

To add a video, select the tiny + sign symbol in the upper right corner of the Instagram app. A screen with numerous creative options, including Reels, will appear.

When you select the Reels option, several customizing options will be displayed.
Users of Instagram will be familiar with many features, such as the timer, the quick speed, and the music symbol.

Additionally, you can decide whether your video will be 15 or 30 seconds long. If you’re uncertain, start with small reel videos. Repeating shorter videos may have a greater impact.

Use Instagram Reels in 5 Different Ways

Reels allow brands to interact and engage with fans like many other social media tools. It can be challenging to cut through the clutter and develop video ideas that are both genuine to your brand and engaging for your audience.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to get started with Instagram Reels or if you want to create a content calendar with ideas for Reels. You’ll find ten ideas for utilizing these little movies to promote your company below, along with some examples of other brands using them. Take these as examples, but always stay true to your brand.

Tell Your Brand Story on Instagram Reels

What drives you? Every brand has one, and sharing it with your audience is a terrific way to engage them in meaningful interaction. Instagram Reels enables you to tell your narrative in entertaining and sincere ways.
When describing your brand’s history, you want to be sincere and not pushy. That is made simpler by the integrations and video options. Tailored Tulle used Instagram Reels to share the tale of their first year in operation and express their sincere thanks to their clients, all set to brand-consistent music. Instead of being boastful, the video conveys warmth and authenticity. Instead of writing it all out, using video to tell the tale of their first year in the company is entertaining.

Offer Exclusive Discount Codes to Reel Watchers

The fun part is right here! Why not “reward” devoted fans and watchers with discounts and unique possibilities playfully and interestingly? This might be a terrific strategy to invite additional people eager to shop at your store by announcing a new product or sharing a seasonal offer. You can tag your items in your Instagram Reel if your brand’s Instagram account is set up for Instagram shopping. Get viewers excited about your product with an engaging video reel and then offer a discount they won’t want to miss out on and make the shopping seamless with the tag in the post.

Be creative in your photos.

People enjoy a sneak glance at their favorite goods and designers because it makes them feel special. The time and effort that go into designing your goods can be better understood by people unfamiliar with your brand. Reels can be a fun way to loop people in and make them feel more connected to your business, whether you add a sneak peek to your editorial schedule or turn the camera on when inspiration strikes.
Custom furniture restoration company Soleil Furnishings has utilized Instagram Reels to highlight several stages of the design process, from sanding to painting. These could appear dry or boring in blog posts or other longer-form content, but a restoration update becomes a satisfying watch with some background music and is played continuously.

Use Reels to Spread Some Happiness

We spend a lot of time considering the ROI, the bottom line, and the profit margins regarding social media marketing. However, social media might occasionally present a greater chance. Social media lets us enter people’s lives and spread happiness and light. Reels are no different. They might be the ideal means of spreading happiness and humor. Ensure simplicity. Show off something cute or lovely. Bring some sunshine to your internet space, please.
What America’s VetDogs posted on their Reels feed is shown below. It’s straightforward, simply a brief glimpse into their regular activities. Nothing extravagant. Even though there were countless options, they chose to employ their background noise rather than playing a light tune on the loop.

Provide a Product Demonstration on Instagram Reels

These little movies are a terrific method to highlight the unique qualities of your product, whether it is complex and requires a detailed explanation or you simply want to highlight some fascinating aspects.
You can be imaginative, silly, or completely absurd. For instance, you might discuss your product’s unique features or less obvious applications. Artists might benefit from this by emphasizing the attention to detail in their creations. In her Instagram Reels, Rachel Froud offers viewers a peek inside her painting process.

How to Add Music to Reels

You’ll see the music icon when you first begin making your reel video. Like the music you may add to Instagram stories, you’ll see a library of songs when you click on the music note.

Use the search box at the top to find music that fits your movie creation. Then, pick the song’s section that best suits your video—and your objectives.

You can record your voice or background noise if you don’t want to utilize a song for your Reels. You can try instagram pro app for more features.

How to post reels on Instagram

First, access the Reels Feature. Then there are three different ways to start:

  1. Click “Reel” by tapping the addition (+) sign at the top of your home screen.
  2. Tap the camera icon in the top right corner on an existing Reel. Selecting this option will prompt you to use the original reel’s audio.
  3. In the Instagram Stories camera, scroll to the “Reel” option.

When the reel camera is open, choose the length of your reel (15, 30 seconds).

How to make reels on Instagram from a gallery?

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram by opening the app.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, tap the three lines.
  3. Select “Gallery.”
  4. To use the image for your reel, tap it.
  5. In the top right corner of the screen, tap the three lines.
  6. Click “Share.”
  7. Select “Create a Video.”
  8. Press “Reel.”
  9. Next, upload

How to use Instagram reels effects?

Follow these steps, and you will figure out how you can use Instagram Reels 2022 effects:

  1. Go to the home tab after logging into your Instagram account.
  2. In the upper-left corner, tap or swipe right to access Your Story.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click Reels.
  4. Click on the smiley icon on the left after that.
  5. Select any filter you have stored to a Story camera at this point, or click right on the circular menu bar until you see the Browse Effects option.
  6. To access the Effect Gallery, tap it.
  7. You can either use the search icon in the top-right corner of this page to look for a certain effect or browse the Effect Gallery to discover one.
  8. Select the effect and then click the Use effect button.
  9. To record a video, press the button.
  10. Next, press the arrow button.
  11. If you wish, you can alter your video by adding stickers, drawings, or writing.
  12. Press the arrow button one more time.
  13. Uploading your Instagram reels video is the only thing left to do. Therefore, simply click the Share button.


Reel’s more laid-back atmosphere than In-Feed Posts allows you to showcase your ideas. You can also produce content that doesn’t necessitate meticulous planning and execution. Additionally, Reels’ creative capabilities may truly make your clips stand out.

Reels can also have several video clips, filters, captions, interactive backdrops, stickers, and more, in addition to noises. Reels differ from Instagram Stories in several ways. They persist longer than 24 hours, in contrast to Stories. A Reel that you upload remains viewable on Instagram until it is deleted.

You do not publish enough reels. You shouldn’t anticipate that one Reel will reach hundreds of thousands of viewers. Your reach and engagement increase over time as you post more frequently. Try publishing one Reel once a week to start, then progressively increase the number.


We hope the article on how to use Instagram reels will be helpful for you. The Instagram reel can revitalize your Instagram profile and increase your following.

Make brief movies that feature catchy music and communicate your brand message. Take a chance and have fun with it; it’s a terrific tool for experimenting and being creative.

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