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Aero Insta vs Instander [What is the Difference Between]

Have you ever wanted to download many photos from Instagram but did not know how to do so? and confused between Aero Insta vs Instanderz

The official Instagram app has many features, but what if you need more?
The Instander application can help you with that. Anyone can copy profile pictures and comments and watch high-quality videos from Instagram.
Aero Insta vs Instander Both apps are designed to help you manage your Instagram account but have different features. Here’s a breakdown of the two apps and what each can do for you.
Do you know the difference between aero insta and instander apk? If you’re looking for the best information on these two apps, look no further! We will tell you everything you need to know about each app, including its differences, so you can decide which one to use.

Aero Insta vs Instander

Modified app for Instagram is a free application that lets users get a shadow copy of another Instagram.
Profile. Such as Instander and Aero Insta contains many improvements over the original application. It has various features that make your Instagram experience even better.

Instander App

Instander is a free app that improves your Instagram experience. Instander is faster, more stable, and has more features than the original Instagram app. Instander makes taking better photos and videos, editing your photos and videos with more features, and sharing your photos and videos with more people easy. Try Instander today and see the difference.

App NameInstander Pc App
Version 16.0
Mod featuresUnlimited
Last UpdatedToday

Instander Features

Block Advertisements

Instander App is an ad-blocker for Instagram that helps users avoid seeing posts from brands and businesses they don’t want to see.


Save Direct Message images, videos, and other material. On your Android smartphone, archive Destruct Photos, Save Feed, Reels, IGTV, and Stories.

View reels, read messages, and write them without anyone knowing you’re doing it.

Analytics is disabled.

One great feature is quickly turning data analysis on and off from the privacy settings. This way, users can control how much data they share with the app.

HQ media

Developers help us upload images and stories at the highest possible resolution to ensure that our followers get the best possible experience.

Profile photo downloader

Hold the Instagram cover photo to see it in full size (Public or Private).
The Instander app allows you to view a person’s profile picture. You may see the image in full-screen mode, read the image’s description, and share it with anybody.

Hide view stories

Never reveal to others that you have watched Stories. The marvelous new feature has a pretty big catch. You can’t share that you’re using Stories, so you’ll have to be careful to avoid letting on that you’re viewing Stories content. Download Instander apk for premium features without restrictions.

Hide View Live Stream

Hide your profile count when you join someone’s live stream. Watch them in ghost mode.

Indicate who followed & viewed your profile

If another individual follows you, it will display “User is following you.” Inform you that someone viewed your profile and followed you. Easy to check up on it

Ghost Mode

Hide your existence. It’s straightforward to find and follow someone online and even easier to stalk them. If you’re going to stalk someone, make sure it’s someone you know first.

Be able to message someone directly

This app allows you to message any private account, even if they have removed their DM option. You can send unlimited messages, making it a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.

Instagram Verified blue tick

The verified option may have caught your attention. This indicates that Instagram has verified both the legitimacy of your account and your status as a public figure or celebrity.

Available in a different language

Quick and easy way to translate messages and comments from 25 languages. Whether you’re trying to communicate with someone in another country or to understand a message written in a different language, Instander will enable you to do so quickly.

Remove liked posts

You can remove liked posts from the home feed only by sing Instander. Or your liked photos record. Now instander apk for pc is also availabe to use instagram at window devices.

Story autoplay (on/off)

You can turn off your story’s autoplay setting. In addition, you can turn on and off the story’s sound.

Video & Reels autoplay

You can Enable or Disable Video Autoplay in the Settings menu according to your preference.

Download reels

You can download reels and videos you like without using any other downloader.

aero insta vs instander

What is Aero Insta?

Insta Aero is an Instagram mod that gives users access to the normal functions of the platform, as well as several other features that improve the user experience. With Insta Aero, you can enjoy Instagram’s benefits without restrictions.

App NameAero Insta
Version Latest
Mod featuresUnlimited
Last UpdatedToday

Aero Insta Feature

Downloading Media

With our new download feature, you can quickly and easily save all of your favorite stories, videos, and posts with just one click. This makes it easy to keep track of everything you love and never miss a thing!

Privacy of Aero Insta

Privacy is the ability to keep certain aspects of your life hidden. This could include hiding stories, viewing live streams, typing, and reading messages.

Indicates whether it follows you or not

The ability to see if someone is following you or not by visiting their profile is a great way to keep track of your online interactions. Being able to tell if someone is following you or not can help you understand how that person feels about you.

Hide adds

This app allows you to enjoy your feed and stories without ads interrupting your scroll. Whether you’re just trying to browse or you’re looking for something specific, this app will make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Disable analytically

Disabling analytics can be a great way to prevent Instagram from collecting data about your account.

Full-quality photos

Full-quality photos are a must for anyone looking to post on Instagram. The ability to prevent Instagram from compressing your photos is a game changer.

Swipe to navigate

Use the swipe gesture to navigate. You can enable or disable swiping from left to right to open the camera or from left to right to open the DM.

In-app browser

The In-App Browser feature allows you to open any links you click on Instagram through your device’s default browser rather than within the app. Instnder emoji ios apk is still availabe for iphone overs

Stories play with sound

This app will automatically play audio when stories and posts are opened without the user needing to touch the screen.

Disable autoplay

Stories auto-skip can be annoying sometimes, especially if you’re trying to read them quickly. To disable the auto-skip feature for stories, go to the settings tab and select the ‘disable’ option. This will ensure that the stories will not automatically advance to the next.

Remove black borders

There are times when black borders can spoil the look of a story. With this tool, i can quickly and easily remove them so your stories look their best.

No need to crop stories

One great thing about stories is that you can share them without worrying about cropping them to fit the screen’s width.

Long tap to zoom

Tapping and holding down on a post with picture content will allow you to view it on full screen. Users can also zoom in and out to their heart’s content using finger gestures while viewing the posts in full-screen mode.

Downloading posts with three taps

Tap any post three times to download it to your smartphone. Make it easy to download posts you like.

Always show your media first

Social media managers always want to be first. They want to be able to show the first media for posts with multiple media. This ability gives them an edge over other managers.

Removed like posts

If you don’t want people to know what posts you’ve liked in the past, you can now hide those posts

Users Review

Rastogi, Utkarsh

I’d recommend Instander. It contains features like picture downloads, reels, high-quality photo viewing, ghost mode, and regular OTA updates. Instander is also faster for me than ordinary Instagram. The app is also ad-free and includes the option to disable analytics. Another advantage of the app is that you may use it with conventional Instagram. Furthermore, the developer is dependable.


I’ve been using insta Aero for a long time. There were no concerns. The intruder kept signing me out.

Kelvin joseph

I found that both apps had the same features. I chose Aero Insta because it had the best downloading, navigation, and gesture settings. These helped me use Insta one-handed.

What to choose

There are two great modified apps for Instagram – Instander vs Aero Insta. They both have incredible features, as seen from the descriptions above. It’s up to you which one to choose, but both are safe and secure to use. The maximum download value of Instander Mod APK is higher than Aero Insta because it has unlimited features and is the best version.


There are a lot of Instagram MODs available in the market. They provide great features, and it is pretty hard to choose one. So, you must read the complete comparison of each Instagram Mod to select the one that fits your needs the most. We hope our blog can help you decide which Instagram Mod is the best for you.

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