15 Easy Ways To Boost Engagement on Instagram

Since the Instagram algorithm often modifies how we use the app, it’s critical to experiment with new tactics to boost engagement on Instagram continuously. With practical examples from real-world situations that you can readily apply to your account, we’ll discuss 15 simple ways to boost engagement on Instagram in this article. Does Instagram pay you for reactions comments and shares

How to Boost engagement on Instagram

Here are 15 simples options to Boost engagement on Instagram

ways to boost engagement on instagram

Create Quality Content

Yes, Instagram has many chances for advertising, but if you don’t provide your followers with what they want most—high-quality content—you won’t be successful. Make sure your information is both attractive and educational. The four most frequent goals of Instagram posts are to inform, interact, entertain, and educate. We advise you to dedicate 70% of the helpful content to your current and potential clients.

Analyze analytics to learn what kinds of material will be most interesting to your fans. We advise you to use various media, such as films and GIFs. Being genuine and providing something special are the most important things. Offering something unique to your audience is the best approach to keep their attention.

Post At The Optimum Time

Posting at the same time your target audience is online and when the engagement rate is highest during the day is a pretty easy approach to delight the algorithm and boost interaction on Instagram. Because the system keeps track of how soon your postings receive likes and comments, you shouldn’t post at unusual hours.

Unfortunately, the optimum time to post on Instagram doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution because it greatly varies depending on the audience’s age, geography, and industry. However, if you have a corporate Instagram account, you may link it to this tool to determine the perfect time for your postings.

If your target market is spread out over several time zones, your best time can be late at night, so it’s a good idea to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

Direct Messages

Instagram is primarily about community, and dialogue is a key component of it. Instagram direct messages can be used in various ways to boost engagement. All of them center on creating communities and genuinely caring about your audience members ply in Each of Your Direct Messages
All of them, that s! Instead of simply liking the message or replying with an emoji, engage in meaningful dialogue with your followers. Introducing the person behind the keyboard is a terrific brand idea since it gives your company a voice and humanizes it. Access direct messages and hie typing status with instander apk free to download now.

A better engagement rate results from followers who have a positive and memorable experience interacting with you through direct messaging, liking, and commenting on your posts in the future.

The example on the right is much more effective at fostering community, fostering adherence, and eventually raising engagement on Instagram, even if the model on the left is the quickest and easiest response:

Send Out Messages to Others in Your Target Audience

It goes both ways here. You should respond to direct messages sent to you and message other accounts and businesses in your target market, including both leads and current followers.

The act of “reacting” to other people’s Instagram Stories is a quick and efficient approach to achieve this. But don’t stop there; immediately send a message related to the Story as a follow-up. It’s an excellent topic for conversation and a different method to engage newcomers in your neighborhood.

It’s evident that the more of these connections you have on Instagram, the higher your engagement rate will be.

Tell a Story

Some newbie designers overlook that Instagram was developed as a medium for visual inspiration. Keep your marketing plan on schedule. Instead, use storytelling to connect with your audience. Share experiences instead than just images or videos. You can use Instagram reels to engage your audience in the most natural way possible.

People frequently struggle to understand what visual storytelling is. We advise you to look into effective influencers-storytellers in this situation.

Engage Manually

Expect little growth until your postings go viral and you have the requisite influencer marketing and advertising funds. Every day, you should interact with your new and old fans. You can do it on your own, but if you have a lot of followers, you’ll need a team to engage with them, respond to their comments, etc.

For instance, when someone follows you, be sure to leave a few comments on their pictures. You can also message your new followers and impart valuable knowledge to them. Give your followers a like if you don’t have time to respond to every comment.

Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram Story Stickers are a guaranteed technique to boost engagement on Instagram! Instagram’s Story updates have not slowed pace, and the company allows users new ways to interact with one another.

While Story Stickers don’t improve the number of likes and comments on your posts, they raise your account’s overall engagement rate, tracked by the Instagram algorithm, which keeps track of all forms of involvement. This signals to the algorithm that people enjoy your material and are interested in your account, which will cause your posts to appear higher in your followers’ feeds!

There are numerous applications for polls, tests, and question stickers, and as a result, businesses are developing more inventive Instagram Stories. Here are some strategies for leveraging them to raise Instagram engagement:

Ask Questions In Your Captions

If you want comments on your postings, encourage your fans to interact with them by including a question in the caption. Considering how quickly attention spans erode, a straightforward call to action is compelling. Do you know you can check how to see likes on your Instagram.

Asking for advice from others is a smart move. Thoughts, suggestions, or inspiration because most people enjoy providing this information.

Make sure you respond to every remark on your Instagram posts, just like with tip number one! You can continue the dialogue and demonstrate your appreciation for your fans by including your followers’ feedback in your post. Developing and nurturing this network will only help you boost Instagram engagement.

Run A Contest

As entry usually necessitates liking and commenting on a post, Instagram contests are sure to boost engagement. If you need entries to “tag a friend,” this improves the post in the algorithm’s view and brings new people to your profile.

Given that giveaways are the most popular type of Instagram contest, utilizing a product or subscription as the reward seems sensible. You can host a giveaway to get more reach.

If your market is more artistic, you could also have a photo competition in which participants post a picture of something that fits the topic you’ve established on their profiles. Choose a distinctive hashtag to keep track of each entree, don’t forget!

Make sure to include your: guidelines while running an Instagram contest.

  • Methods for entry
  • Details of prize
  • Deadline to enter
  • Date winner is announced

Focus on Branding

Branding is significant, not just for businesses. On the contrary, you need to build brand recognition and create a unique personal brand. Search for stylistic trends that will keep your account consistent and up-to-date. Engage with your audience to increase brand loyalty.

Host Contests

Contests are a fantastic way to boost Instagram engagement. Statistics show that contest posts receive 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times as many comments as standard ones. However, many influencers fail to run contests, missing out on excellent chances to boost engagement. You must establish the guidelines and prepare your giveaway in advance.

Users can follow you to enter the contest, for instance, or you can ask them to make a post or like the one you’ve already made. You should read this article to learn more about how to run freebies properly.

Embrace Different Video Formats

Videos are still the most successful kind of content. Thus their significance to Instagram creators is only increasing. 80 % Brands use video content see a 49% faster growth in income than those that don’t. You may use a variety of video formats on Instagram, including “carousels,” vertical videos for Stories, and 60-second ads. As a result, you can customize your Instagram video for any objective. Providing a variety of “how-to” videos is an excellent approach to engaging your fans.

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags can determine whether or not your posts rise to the top of recommendations or fall to the bottom where no one can find them. You will face competition from millions of others if you select general hashtags like #fashion or #food. With the hot hashtags, pick more focused ones that pertain to your sector.

Another crucial factor is the number of hashtags. Each post can contain up to 30 hashtags, but using too many will make your content appear amateurish. Up to 91% of popular brands limit the number of hashtags they use in posts to seven or fewer. In a remark, you can, however, use added hashtags. We advise you to research the number of hashtags your rivals use and try various strategies. Learn how to add trending hashtags in your content.

Study Trends

Instagram is similar to other social media sites, frequently featuring new trends. When you know that a particular piece of content is trendy, you should take advantage of this development to increase interaction. This process is complicated, though, since if you wait too long, your postings will vanish among the millions of similar popular posts, rendering them completely meaningless.

As a result, you should attempt to join a new trend before it takes off. If you do your homework and consider which hashtags get traction, you can do it. Additionally, we advise that you keep up with all relevant industry news. Learn how to get taken username in isnatgram.

Conversation Trails

Your work isn’t done once you post. You also need to respond to what your audience says.

They will return to you the following time as a result. Ask people to remark on your captions by including a conversion trail. If they do give you an excellent response, give them your own. That sustains the engagement.

Instagram followers love Sephora for their quick responses. They respond to every question from their audience almost immediately.

Look at this article where they talk about their eyeliners and one of the fans queries them. Sephora provided an excellent example of brand care by responding to the query immediately.

Keen Planning

A life-saving technique, not one of the best Instagram engagement hacks, is foolproof planning.

Consider the features and what works best in advance. Keep a close eye on your rivals and see what works for them.

To present a 360-degree image of your company, include all relevant information. Follow a pattern and assess whether it provides the necessary traction. You won’t experience content deprivation or last-minute panic episodes thanks to it. Now schedule your content posting by downloading insta up apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carousels have the most effective average engagement rate of 1.01% among all Instagram post formats. It might have to do with the algorithm’s tendency to re-serve these posts to followers who weren’t engaged the first time, giving them a second or third chance to make an impression.

Depending on the type of content, you can use a certain number of hashtags on Instagram. Stories can have 10 hashtags, whereas feed posts and reels support 30. Though it’s natural to assume that you should add as many as possible, it isn’t always the wisest course of action.

Even though some people have attempted to delete their reels and upload them again, the issue has not yet been fixed. Due to an Instagram bug, your views on reels are currently frozen at 0. As you may know, thousands of videos are posted to Instagram every day.


These are only a few straightforward methods that don’t cost much. that businesses of all sizes and types may use to boost engagement on Instagram.

But keep in mind that keeping track of everything is crucial. Use Instagram Insights to monitor the content types that receive the most engagement. To create the posts that your audience enjoys, test and refine your content strategy. This will enhance Instagram engagement, along with your community-building efforts, for sure!

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