Enhancing Your Instagram Experience with Instander Developer Mode Settings

If you’re a big fan of Instagram and want to make your experience even better, then you should know about Instander Developer Options. These options let you customize and control your Instagram app in cool ways.

The fun begins with choosing different looks for your Instagram. You can pick from dark or colourful themes to match your style. You can also control the quality of photos and videos you see, so you save data and get clear visuals. Download Instagram Stories Easily with Instander

But wait, there’s more! Instander Developer Options also give you some superpowers. You can see how your posts are doing with activity insights. You can even automate interactions, like following or liking posts. Plus, you can check how well your hashtags are working for you.

So, to take your Instagram game to the next level, Download the Instander apk and try Instander Developer Options. Customize your feed, get cool insights, and make your Instagram experience way more fun!

What Should I Enable in Developer Options?

In Developer Options, you can find a range of settings that can enhance your phone’s performance and customization. Previously, these settings were individually listed, but in the v16 update, they are all conveniently located inside “MetaConfig Settings & Overrides.”

instander developer options

Instander’s Developer Mode

Developer Mode in Instander is a unique set of advanced settings that offers users unprecedented control over their Instagram interface. As you enable Developer Mode, a whole new array of customization options becomes available, enabling you to fine-tune your Instagram experience to suit your preferences perfectly.

Enabling Developer Mode

To unlock the potential of Instander’s Developer Mode, follow these simple steps:

1. Update to the Latest Version: Ensure you are using the latest version of Instander from our website. This guarantees that you have access to the most up-to-date features and improvements.

2. Accessing Developer Mode Settings: After installing or updating Instander, navigate to the app’s settings. Scroll down to find the “Developer Options” section, then toggle on the “Developer Mode” switch.

With Developer Mode activated, you are ready to explore many customizable options designed to elevate your Instagram experience to new heights.

Emoji Reactions

Guess what? Now you can use Emoji Reactions to make your chats even more exciting! There are two types of reactions: Direct Reactions and Message Reactions.

Direct Reactions: When someone sends you a message, you can react quickly with an emoji. Just hold down the message, and many emojis will pop up. Choose the one that shows how you feel, and it will become a reaction to that message. It’s an easy way to respond without typing anything.

Message Reactions: You can react to messages and see how others react in group chats. When someone adds an emoji reaction to a message, you’ll see the emoji right below it. It’s a cool way to understand how everyone feels about what’s being said.

To start using Emoji Reactions, ensure you have the latest version of the platform. Then, just hold down a message to see the reaction options. Pick your favorite emoji to react to, or see what emojis others use in group chats.

Forward Messages

If you want to forward messages to others, here’s how you can do it in simple steps:

First, check if the “Direct forwarding” feature is enabled. This allows you to forward messages to your friends.

You can also decide how many times a message can be forwarded. It might be set differently by default, but you can change it to 5. This means you can forward a message to up to five people.

New Details Page

We’re excited to introduce the new details page, and we think you’ll love it! The redesign brings a fresh and modern look to your favorite platform, making your experience even more enjoyable.

With the new details page, you’ll find a sleek and user-friendly interface that enhances navigation and usability. Whether you’re exploring posts, threads, or messages, the new design offers a seamless and intuitive experience.


A ” Boards ” feature is supposed to change how messages look to stop accidental calls. But right now, it’s not working correctly. Users have found that thread boards are broken, and the layout change doesn’t prevent accidental calls like it should.

Don’t worry, though. The people who manage the platform know about this issue and are working hard to fix it. Sometimes, technical problems happen, but the platform wants to ensure everything works smoothly for users.

Thanks for being patient while they work on it. They want to make sure you have a great experience using the platform, and they’ll have it working smoothly again in no time!

Collaborative Collections: Currently Not Functioning

The feature allows users to create collaborative collections for posts and reels, shared with everyone in a chat. This feature, known as “Collaborative Collections,” is designed to enable users to curate and organize content within a chat group collectively.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties or updates, Collaborative Collections are currently unavailable. 

Rest assured, the platform’s development team is likely aware of the situation and is working to resolve the issue promptly.

In the meantime, users can still create and share individual collections privately or explore other collaboration options within the platform. The platform’s dedication to providing an optimal user experience allows users to continue enjoying the platform’s diverse features. 

Stay tuned for further updates on the restoration of Collaborative Collections, and we appreciate your understanding and patience during this period of temporary unavailability. Check Instander mod apk to check if this feature work.

“Discord Like” Slash Commands

Discord-like slash commands

(mute mention, commands & group,  slash & direct, sheet fix and mentions fix

Direct Logo

New Messenger Logo will replace the direct Icon

(direct interop rebrand)

Searching Messages

For Searching messages

in thread content search


In Developer Mode, you can customize interface themes, adjust photo and video quality, explore language localization, and more to personalize your Instagram feed.

Yes, Instander’s Developer Mode is safe to use. However, as with any app settings, it’s essential to use them responsibly and be aware of potential risks.

While Developer Mode offers extensive customization, some features may be subject to change or updates as the app evolves to provide the best user experience.

Yes, you can easily switch back to the regular version of Instander by toggling off the “Developer Mode” switch in the app settings.

Instander regularly updates its app to improve functionality and add new features. Watch the website for the latest updates.


To make your Instagram experience extraordinary, Instander’s Developer Mode is the key! This amazing feature offers unmatched customization options and advanced tools that give you complete control over your social media journey like never before.

Get ready to see Instagram in a whole new way with Instander. Embrace the power of Developer Mode and open up a world of possibilities for your Instagram account. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Download the latest version of Instander now and watch your Instagram experience soar to new heights. It’s time to unleash your creativity and make your mark on the Instagram world!

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